Gan Davidson

A mosaic sculpture garden and gallery in Kibbutz Eilon

There is a lot of magic in mosaic art.

Ruth and Meirke Davidson’s sculpture garden and home gallery showcase unique mosaic art, combined with a natural grove and a blossoming garden.

The garden and gallery exhibit about 340 mosaic artworks, scattered among a grove of oak, arbutus, walnut and pine trees, serving as a living souvenir for 50 years of daily creative artwork.

The sculptures combine to create a single and complete mosaic work of colorful, imaginative and humorous art.

Ruth and Meirke's house serves as a gallery and provides a fascinating glimpse into a past way of life and tells the story of Meirke, a Palmachnik, a fighter, one of the founders of the Givati ​​Brigade, a man of work, family and creativity, and of his life partner  - Ruth.

Meirke Davidson embarked on an exciting adventure of sculpting and working with natural tesserae and various materials, using his unique techniques and groundbreaking imagination.

When the mosaic factory in Eilon was established, Meirke became the leading artist in the workshop and, from his agile hands, thousands of artworks, pictures, tables, floors, ornaments and more broke into the world.

After work, he went on adding to the garden and filling the walls of his modest home with pictures, statues, masks, jars, figures and ornaments, occupying any available space in the house.

Over the years, the garden and gallery have become a magnet for visitors.

Gallery visitors are to pay an entrance fee.

Open every day (including weekends). Please contact Dalia in advance.

Address: Dalia Dodson, Kibbutz Eilon, Western Galilee 22845, Israel

 Mobile: +972-52-3664609

Phone: +972-4-9858338